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We have a beautiful and exciting line of new hand-painted buttons from Russia. The artists are located near Moscow, Russia. They are farmers who, in their spare time, paint these exquisite scenes on hand-made buttons. Normally, they only make three of each design, unless someone requests additional buttons of that particular design. Many of the animals they have painted are very unusual and interesting. The buttons with people on them are just as wonderful! They would love to paint a button for you, from a picture or a design of your choice. This would take approximately 1-4 months for special requests. All of the buttons are artist signed on the back.

At this time, we have three different types of buttons painted by these very talented Russians. All of the artists use oil paints with several layers of lacquer applied to the top. This lacquer-technique is the same used in the 18th century. A technique passed on from generation to generation. This is what gives each one that shiny, glossy finish. This also makes them feel so good to the touch.

Each style is made by a different accomplished Russian artist, using their own special talents.

We are always looking for specific subject matter. If you have any request, please send them to us. Our inventory is constantly changing. Please let us know, if there is a special classification we can scan for you or send to you on an approval basis.

We have everything from Ardvarks to Zebras. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Our Imported Russian Paper Mache buttons are classed as NEW not STUDIO buttons.

We are truly excited about these Russian hand painted buttons and we are sure that you will be too!

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