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We are very pleased to be handing some of the very finest studio artists in the country. Our goal is to market only the finest quality studio buttons available. These are some of the most sought after artists of today.

Since, most of the artists are constantly making new designs and using various materials in their buttons, we suggest that you contact us for their most recent creations. Please refer to our catalog and web site for a good selection of the buttons we have in stock. Remember, most of the buttons are one of a kind or made on a very limited edition basis. Since, they are created by hand, each one may vary slightly in color or design.

We will take these to the State and National Shows. We will be glad to send these special pieces

of art to collectors on an approval basis.

The nationally known artists we are currently handling are:

Kay Ferguson

Kay Ferguson has made stain glass windows since 1978. Her work may be seen in 36 restaurants in 5 states, churches, galleries and in many private homes. In early 1994, a friend taught her how to fuse glass. It was in the same year that Jocelyn Howells encouraged her to make fused glass buttons. Originally, she made the traditional round buttons, then it was on to various shapes of subjects. Since, she has developed a precise skill in cutting glass and has become more knowledgeable about what happens at what temperatures and times during the fusing process. Kay likes representational designs, so making realistic pictorial buttons fits well with her interests. She is currently moving more to sculpturing and 3-D looks.

Each of Kay's fused glass button has between 4 to 19 pieces of glass. The price of each button is determined by the number of pieces of glass in the design or the inclusion of dichroic glass. Each piece of glass must be glued into place during fusing. The firing takes about 4-1/2 hours. Some of the buttons need to be fired twice. A button takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour to cut, shape, glue and prepare for firing. Many of Kay's buttons have dichroic glass in them. Dichroic glass was developed by NASA to coat lenses and windows in space. Because of its dual properties of reflecting and refracting, it can filter different light rays. If you have a button with dichroic glass in it, hold it up to the light and see it change colors. In the last year or two both fused glass and dichroic glass are now a new classes in our classification of buttons (Fused-Class 50.11 and Dichroic-Class 50.12. If you are competing in buttons Kay's fused and or dichroic buttons are a must. One of Kay's newest line in fused buttons are the portrait buttons of various friends and collectors.

Kay also does beautiful laser etchings on wood and pearl buttons.

We are very happy to be distributing Kay's beautiful buttons.

Check Out Our Kay Ferguson Fused Glass Buttons

John Gooderham

John Gooderham is a world-renowned paperweight artist, born in Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada. John has been fascinated with paperweights since 1962. In 1969 John started to make desk paperweights. With the help of Ron Hansen, his techniques quickly improved, and in 1971 John tried making paperweight buttons with great enthusiasm. John's paperweights are well known for the multitude of techniques and subject matter. Some of John's special techniques are that of the double overlay (which are so highly collectible), lampwork and gold inclusions. John is also known for his dollhouse weights since 1980 and he is the only artist to make them with the double overlay technique. Through the years, John has made beautiful paperweight jewelry. He started making lapel pins in 1976 and pendants, earrings and cuff links in 1985. John is one of the few paperweight artists that makes his own ribbon and latticinio canes in a variety of colors. Each of his paperweights can be identified with his famous "J" cane, either in the design itself or on the reverse of the button. Besides, the canes John makes himself are the canes he gets from Italy and the fine Perthshire canes from Scotland. Several museums in both Canada and the U.S.A. have samples of John's work on display. Some of these museums include the Degenhart Museum in Ohio, Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, and The Corning Museum of Glass. All of John's buttons meet his extremely high quality standards. To own John Gooderham buttons is a must for every serious collector! We are very proud to be distributing these beautiful pieces of miniature art for John. Please contact us for his buttons, lapel pins and cufflinks.

Check Out Our John Gooderham Paperweights

Diana McClure

Diana McClure is an accomplished potter. Diana has been collecting buttons and attending the monthly meetings of the Polk Box Button Club in Dayton, Ohio for over 4 years.

In 1978 Diana set up her studio in Cincinnati after graduating from the University of Cincinnati's Design College (DAAP) with a BFA in Ceramics. She fell in love with clay while taking ceramics to fulfill the fine arts requirement during her freshman year at DePauw University in Indiana. Diana also graduated with a BA in mathematics. She has worked full-time in pottery for many years, exhibiting and selling at juried art fairs and galleries. She is also a member of the Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky Crafts Guilds. Her main focus has been in functional pottery, working off the potter's wheel and taking pride in formulating her own glazes. Her functional work is produced in regular and white stoneware, fired to cone 9. Diana's latest work centers around impressing lace (antique and new) into rolled clay slabs. Most of the clay pieces used in MM&F buttons are white porcelain clay. Many pieces have the lace impressions with cobalt accenting the designs, reproducing the same flow blue of European fine china. Other clay pieces are delicate water colors which provide the background scenes for Sterling Silver castings or brass stampings. Original carvings by Diana or impressions taken from familiar stampings or castings are evident on still other buttons.

In addition to making her own beautiful porcelain buttons she also makes great unglazed, regular stoneware clay buttons. These buttons started when she was making items for some of the zoo shops. Many of these designs are of various wild animals. Each of the buttons are flat with her original designed image etched into the clay. For the 1998 Florida Button Show, Diana made the favor button and 9 companion buttons to go along with the favor button as a set of 10. This was a great way for the club to gain additional funds to offset the cost of the wonderful show.

Diana is also half of the collaborative effort of the team of MM&F. Diana is the potter who works with the mud and fire, two of the elements in Mud, Metal & Fire. Stuart Nedelman is the jeweler, the other half of the team. Diana has been the dominant designer of the MM&F buttons, picking the subject matter of the castings and stampings and suggesting the combinations of materials. She also beautifully hand tints the brass stampings and Sterling Silver castings. Each one of Diana's and MM&F buttons are limited editions. Many are one of a kind. We are extremely pleased to be the distributor of such fine quality and unique pieces of art.

Check Out Our MMF - Mud, Metal & Fire Buttons

Check Out Our Diana McClure's Buttons

Diane Schefferly

"Schefferly Scrimshaw" is Diane Schefferly's current design interest. Unique images are engraved on antique mother-of-pearl and other natural-product buttons and jewelry in the tradition of old scrimshaw artists. Diane executes her scrimshaw on buttons of shell (pearl, snail, mussel, oyster, abalone and conch)., vegetable ivory, horn, deer and moose antlers. Engraving is achieved by tedious labor done outdoors since the dust that s emitted can be a health hazard. Diane had over a thousand designs of scrimshaw art in limited editions which would enhance any collection. All of her scrimshaw button designs are backmarked with engraved signature, date, number, and catalog number.

Check Out Our Diane Schefferly Scrimshaw Buttons

Sandi Williams

Sandi Williams is a native of Arizona and Ohio. As a high school student she competed as an adult and won numerous blue ribbons in competitions in Ohio. One of her works completed in Mesa, Arizona was selected to be displayed for a year at the U. S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. She received her degree in fine arts at Utah State University. Sandi now resides in Clinton, Utah with her husband and two daughters. Her interest in buttons came from her father who is an avid collector in Ohio. All of Sandi's buttons are hand painted in acrylic paints on older buttons. She prefers working on shell buttons, but will occasionally paint on an older wood button. Each button is signed at least once on the front and usually on the back. Most of her buttons are very limited editions with many being marked as one of a kind. The highly detailed pictures that Sandi paints are so real you want to touch the button to feel the fur of the fox or the feathers of the bird in flight over water. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun in the background. Sandi's buttons must be seen in person to really be appreciated and to see the very fine details in each of them. Please let us know which ones you might be interested in. We are happy to be handling her buttons.

Check Out Our Sandi Williams' Buttons

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