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Modern Moon Glow Buttons

We are pleased to be distributing these beautiful modern moonglows from Beads & Beyond. Many of the buttons shown here are pressed exclusively for them in the Czech Republic. These molded glass Bohemian Buttons are produced individually by artisans using both new and vintage molds in an old-world process that reflects the best standards of European craftsmanship and design.

Many of these exclusive buttons have a backmark. The backmark consists of the last two numerals of the year the mold was commissioned (97, 98, 99) and the symbol: a large C with a B inside of it.

Button sizes can be bewildering, mainly because different countries still use different measuring systems. And to make it even more confusing, buttons are commonly sized from the center shank out to the edge, so a size 4 button is actually 9 millimeters (1/4") in diameter. These buttons use the French sizing, and these sizes are indicated by the numeral located to the right of the style number. You can use our handy Button Sizing Conversion Chart to convert from French to English sizes.

Each of these beautiful moonglows will greatly enhance your tray of buttons or your collection.

In addition to Beads and Beyond, we have Modern Moonglows from Jane Johnson and other suppliers.

We strive to have the newest moonglows in stock, as soon as they come out, so you may be the first in your club to own them. Please call us with your requests.

Check Out Our Selection of Modern Moonglow Buttons!

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