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Not only do we do shows across the country, we also send buttons out on approval to individuals and clubs. The approvals may be an assortment of buttons or Deluxe Display Cards or a combination of both.

When requesting approvals, please be specific. Please describe the subject matter, materials, size (if applicable) and age (ie. Div. I or III or IX). If you want a special studio artist please indicate which artist and materials and subjects. We request that you also give us the time of the required approvals. Many people request them for a club or a gathering of friends, however, we will need to know that particular date, to be sure that they arrive on time. Please give us advanced notice of your desire for approvals, especially due to the hectic show schedule we have. It takes a long time to gather the buttons for approvals and record them appropriately.

We are encouraging people to ask for scans of the buttons, before we send the actual button, either by email or real mail. This may eliminate sending buttons you already have or buttons which are not exactly what you were looking for. Also, if you see a particular button on our web site and would like to look at it closer, please ask for it on approval. Please be specific as to which one it is with its code number and description.

We request a minimum order of $50.00 with each batch of approvals sent.

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