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Mud Metal & Fire is a collaborative effort of two fine craftspeople from Cincinnati, Ohio. Diana McClure is a potter and Stuart Nedelman is an accomplished jeweler. At this time Diana has been the dominant designer of the MM&F buttons, picking the subject matter of the castings and stampings and suggesting the combinations of materials.

Stuart does all of the metal work, polishing, drilling and assemblage of the MM&F buttons. Stuart has amassed a supply of molds and castings through the years which include some that he has carved himself to impressions taken from such magnificent art pieces as the carvings from a Samari sword collection. Over the years, he has been able to make connections for supplies of mastadon, fossilized walrus and antler, ivory, bone and horn, which he is using as base materials for some buttons. Stuart's wonderful attention to detail in shaping and polishing these materials adds to the stunning beauty of the MM&F buttons.

Diana is a potter who set up her studio in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978. Diana has worked full-time in pottery for many years, exhibiting and selling at juried art fairs and galleries. Diana's latest work centers around impressing lace (antique and new) into rolled clay slabs. Most of the clay pieces used in MM&F buttons are white porcelain clay. Many of the pieces have the lace impressions with cobalt accenting the designs, reproducing the same flow blue of European fine china. Other pieces are delicate water colors which provide the background scenes for Sterling Silver casting or brass stampings. Original carvings by Diana or impressions taken from familiar stampings or castings are evident on still other buttons.

The studio name is derived from the artist's work places:

We are very pleased to be the exclusive distributors of such fine quality (Jewelry-quality) buttons. Please contact us with your requests.

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