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Polishing Pads

$3.00* for Pkg of 5*

Item # SUP00011

Great for Polishing Metal Buttons!

& Great for Testing Bakelite!

Hand Drawn Cards

$4.00* each card

Item # SUP00008

Black ink on white 9" x 12" matte board.

Colored 9" x 12" matte boards add $1.00* extra

Flat Measures


Item # SUP00010

This is the original NBS official button measure. It meets all NBS standards and will measure the full range of sizes (Large, Medium, Small and Dimunitive). It also has a 3-1/2" long ruler on one edge and on the other edge is a 55 mm scale. Being flat, it fits nicely in a pocket or purse.

Simichrome Polish

$15.85* per Tube (1.76 oz)

Item # SUP00013

Simichrome Polish is the 'most outshining' metal polish we have found which does not leave any residue. A very small amount of Simichrome Polish will clean many buttons, cuff links or studs. It comes in a 50 gram tube (1.76 ozs.)

Mounting Wires

$ 1.00* each

Item # SUP00018

2-1/4" to 2-1/2" long, approximately 100 wires in each tube

Ideal for mounting buttons , cuff links, studs or buckles. The plastic coated wires will NOT retain moisture, which may rust metal shanks.

9" x 12" Plain Cards

Plain White Cards 9" x 12" - $2.00* each

Plain Colored Cards 9" x 12" - $2.00 each

Item # SUP00006

Specify color range desired

Heavy Weight Envelopes

$ 1.25 * each

Item # SUP00009

Each vinyl envelope has a clear front and back. It is made of heavyweight 8.5 gauge vinyl. The reinforced grommet hole at top allows for convenient hanging and storage. It has welded edges for durability and is sealed on 3 sides. Ideal for storage and display of your buttons, cuff links or other treasures. The standard 10" x 12-3/4" holds the collectors 9" x 12" work or display card easily. These can be used for competition cards, however, for competition we highly recommend our wooden drop-in frames. See Drop-In Wood Frames.

Storage Plastic Envelopes

$ 3.00 * pkg. of 10

Item # SUP00014

Transparent 10" x 15" x .002" thick, very flexible. The most economical protection for your 9" x 12" cards. This will protect your buttons from dust and scratches. Extra long to provide added protection when the top is folded inside or over.

White Awl

$12.00 *

Item # SUP00020

White AWL plastic handle with tapered point for assorted hole sizes in your mounting cards.

Mounting Spiders

$ 5.00 * per package

Item # SUP00017

Spiders with bendable wires to fit around your precious buttons. These are for buttons without shanks, or broken shanks, pad backs etc. Comes in 2 colors gold or silver wires. Please specify which color or combination you would like. There are 5 spiders per package

Drop Over Button Measure

$ 35.00 *

Item # SUP00024

Made of light aluminum. The 4 measures includes the Austrian Tiny. Comes in a protective case. NBS approved. Fantastic for carded buttons.

Wire Brush

$ 5.00 * each

Item # SUP00019

Wire Brush for cleaning the tiny areas in your Metal buttons not recommended for any other materials Stainless steel bristles and curved wooden handle a must for every collector 7-3/4 long

Polishing Cloths

$ 4.00 * each

Item # SUP00022A

Bright Yellow soft polishing cloths 5 x 7-1/2 ea in individual bag great for metals and all button materials. Non messy. A must for every collector.

Black Backed Display Envelope

$ 2.00 * each

Item # SUP00021

Display envelope Black press board back ,front side clear holds 9 x 12 display card heavy gauge vinyl metal eyelet for hanging great for storage and approved for competition.

Deluxe Display Cards

9 x 12 Sold Out. Smaller sizes are still available.

All are cut with a bevel cut edge. Price of each pattern design may vary.

Button Shells front

$24.00*/pkg of 144

Item # SUP00001

You can Make your own buttons with 1-7/8 dia front domed shell fronts.

Price shown here is by the gross (144) .Inquire for per piece prices.

Backs sold separately.

Button Shells Front

$.24* each

Item # SUP00002

You can Make your own buttons with 1-7/8 dia front domed shell fronts.

We sell them individually or by the gross .Inquire for 144 pc package prices.

Backs sold separately.

Button Shells Back

$35.00*/pkgof 144

Item # SUP00003

You can Make your own buttons with 1-7/8 dia Backs wire eye back, Sold by the gross 144/pkg as priced here or by the piece inquire for smaller quantity prices

Fronts sold separately.

Button Shells Back

$.26* each

Item # SUP00004

You can Make buttons with 1-7/8 dia Backs wire eye back. Price shown here is the each price. Inquire for economical gross (144) package price.

Fronts sold separately

G-S Hypo Cement glue


Item # SUP00023

G-S Hypo Cement one third ounce tube FANTASTIC for rhinestones and pastes replacement clear drying has a pinpoint applicator for precision gluing A Must for every collector for non porous materials only.

No California sales.

* Prices subject to change without notice.

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